Sna | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


Sna | via Tumblr on We Heart It.






A collection of brilliant app icon sketches.

Wouldn’t it be cool if all of your apps were in a sketched style? I’d love that!

I am a hipster… I hate it.

I am a hipster… I hate it.

Hi, my name is Eliza and I am a hipster.

I have finally had to admit to myself that I am actually a hipster. I hate to do so because the damn hipsters stole my identity, my fashion and my ridiculously over self-important need to be different.

I am so hipster, that I was hipster before it was cool. Before I even knew what a ‘hipster’ was. Oh, those were the glory days.

It was much easier in the…

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Melbourne Comedy Festival - What’s good & what’s free

Melbourne Comedy Festival - What’s Good & What’s Free

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is here again for 2014, with packing the towns theatres and halls with comedians. Ranging from the Palais Thearte and Town Hall to theatres underneath the pavement or down an alleyway, above a pub with a stage made out of milk crates.

With so many shows happening at once, (458 according to the website), its pretty hard to choose what to see.

Should I…

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Dentists should still give out toys

Dentists should still give out toys

As a kid I was never scared of the dentist.

Sure it was pretty boring but it would get me out of school early and i’ld get a choice of an awesome toy at the end.


Now though, I’m sitting in the dental office and i can feel that i’m getting really nervous. And the sound of the drill in the next room is so not helping.

So what’s changed?

Other than several fillings and a root canal, (yes, i…

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Coping with being a Graduate

Coping with being a Graduate

STEP 1 – Rack up a minimum 5 figure debt in tertiary education. STEP 2 – Start job hunting in your feild, (in which you have little to no experience) STEP 3 – Sit on floor and hold knees, swaying slightly. STEP 4 – Cry.

I dont know about all you other graduates, but im having a hard time finding employment, (paid or not).

My main issues are as follows;

- I have less than two weeks worth of…

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Balance of skank.

So, Future Music Festival is this Sunday and a decision of the utmost import is upon me.

What do i wear to the festival?

You might be dubious but this actually needs a lot of careful consideration, namely the most important thing to consider is the appropriate balance between skank and sun protection.

First though, you have to choose appropriate shoes. Because your’e going to be jumping around…

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